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    We are thrilled that we can be here for you, but running the store without customers inside has been stressful and demanding in a way we didn't anticipate. In order to make it easier on our awesome staff AND customers, we have developed a new shopping list, linked below.
    For your convenience, we will also be including a paper copy in orders.
    Here's what to do:
    2) Circle what you want & fill out the information at the top
    3) Take a picture of your list and email it to:
    4) Your groceries will be packed, paid, and waiting for you to pick up at the door.
    5) PLEASE be super-nice and patient with us when you pick up your groceries. This all new to us as well. We are here to help, and to save you a trip to the grocery store.This list is not exhaustive-- so please call or ask when you arrive if there is something you wanted but didn't see here.
     Of course you can still call the store to place an order
    or check what soup Gianni has in store for us today!