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    A goal for 2016 has been to answer customer requests by markedly expanding our charcuterie selections.

    In October, our long-awaited new Charcuterie have started to arrive!

    First up—Bressaola, made for us in Pennsylvania. We discovered this on a recent roadtrip down to Tennessee. We stopped in the delightful indoor farmers market in Lancaster, PA (the oldest continuously-running  farmers market in the US, running continuously in the existing location since 1757!!) —and were thrilled to taste this yummy meat. Now we have it here…. ready to slice to order just for you!

    This Breassaola is spicy, hearty, and rich.  It pairs wonderfully with firmer Alpine cheeses like L’Etivaz or Gruyere, as well as creamy delights like Harbison or Taleggio.  Or serve it on a baguette with butter and cornichon pickles for a tasty lunch.


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