Bimi's is open every day. Mon-Fri: 9a-5p, Sat:10:30a-5p, Sun: 10:30a-3p
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    Bimi's Philosophy

    Delicious is delicious, near or far. If it is wonderful, fresh, and prepared with love, we want it at Bimi's! We thoughtfully fill our shelves with local, regional, and international treats. We are fortunate to be able to start our hunt for wonderful food right here in the heart of Columbia County a haven filled with brilliant food producers and then to expand our search around the globe to gather the best here for you.

    The love and care that is present in the food we sell is also palpably in abundance in the store. We want to be the least intimidating cheese store there is. We want our shop to feel like home for our customers. We want coming to the store to be an eagerly-awaited experience since our customers know they will always be warmly greeted, happily served, and will leave having tasted something wonderful!

    Who’s Behind the Counter

    We pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming vibe. Here are the people responsible for that:

    Ellen Waggett & Chris Landy
    Ellen (Bimi’s daughter) can frequently be found behind the counter on the weekends, chatting with customers, keeping order, and selling cheese. She loves to see the sparkle in a customer’s eye when they have tasted just the right cheese.

    Ellen’s Favorite Cheese:
    Changes hourly. Willoughby is always a top contender.

    Chris (Bimi’s son-in-law) will never be found behind the counter. You are likely to find him at one of our front tables, though, chatting with people and acting as an ambassador to the store. Chris focuses on running the business side of the store.

    Chris’ Favorite Cheese
    Roquefort. Any other strong blue in a pinch.

    If you want to know anything about cheese, just ask Heather.  From the farm to the serving board, she's had her hands in the process, start to finish.  When not behind the counter or behind the scenes at Bimi's, she's hangin out with the ladies: her herd of dairy goats, laying hens and and honey bees.

    Heather's Favorite Cheese:
    "My go to is always a soft bloomy rind.  I love the local legend, St. Stephen's, from Four Fat Fowl (aka:  butter disguised as cheese!). It can go sweet with a fruity jam or savory with green olives.  My ideal spread includes both, with a nice baguette and some dry salami.   That's my heaven."



    Max & Sam, Bimi's Grandchildren

    Max & Samantha
    Max and Sam (Bimi’s grandchildren) chip in with the family business on Saturdays. Sam is at the register and Max keeps the cheese counter clean and organized big jobs on our busy weekends.

    Max’s Favorite Cheese:
    Marcel Petit Comte. Tied with Challerhocker.

    Samantha’s Favorite Cheese:
    Lake’s Edge. If we are sold out, you can bet Sam had something to do with it!

    Bimi’s is eternally grateful that Town Treasure Gianni found us before we opened and has been our cheerleader and taskmaster ever since. He is always in the store, frequently at the grill (at last count he has made 2600 grilled cheese sandwiches this year!!) He is a fascinating storyteller, a intelligent conversationalist, and has a deep knowledge of foods and flavors. Make sure to come by on Monday or Tuesday mornings for “Breakfast with Gianni” - he will start your week off right!

    Gianni’s Favorite Cheese:
    “That is almost like asking which is my favorite son.  I like so many cheeses, in different ways, for different reasons and at different times. However, if really HAD TO, my answer would probably be Taleggio. 

    Why?  For one because, somehow, it reflects my own personality; it is not particularly sophisticated, good looking or elegant.  Yet, once you get underneath the rough, unappealing rind, what you see is what you get: an honest, down-to-earth flavor reminiscent of fresh grass and happy living farm animals.

    Furthermore: price-wise you get a pretty good bang for the buck.

    But then again... Chaellerhocker, Fontina Valdostana, Ossau Iraty and Shropshire Blue are just a few of my favorites.”

    The Cheesemongers



    Best of Cheese Shops Bimis

    About Chatham

    Chatham slider 0 Chatham slider 1 Chatham slider 2Chatham slider 3Chatham slider 4Chatham slider 5

    In 1811, William Thomas built a tavern at the one busy site where the Albany and Hartford Turnpike intersected the Lebanon and Hudson Turnpike, and the village of Chatham was born.  A store catering to stagecoach passengers soon followed in 1815.  By 1850, the Hudson and Berkshire Railroad was established within sight of the tavern’s central square.  Shortly thereafter, Solomon Crandell’s store and post office on the main street was receiving customers mail addressed to the Chatham Four Corners. There was a new school, three hotels, two churches, a gristmill, a foundry, several retail stores, two publications and a village doctor

    Gail Blass Wolczanski, Around the Village of Chatham 

    Today, 200 years later, Chatham has returned to its former glory with businesses booming and the streets bustling with activity.  It’s an exciting time for our community!   Main Street is once again a destination for food, drink, home furnishings, art and of course cheese

    Where Else You Can Find Us


    Bimi's Cheese Shop- 21 Main Street, Chatham, NY 12037 - 518.392.8811

    Our Hours

    Open 7 days a week 10:30am- 4:00pm