Bimi's is open every day. Mon-Fri: 9a-5p, Sat:10:30a-5p, Sun: 10:30a-3p
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    Bimi’s Cheese Shop, located in the historic village of Chatham, New York, is a friendly oasis offering a carefully-curated selection of cheeses and provisions both from our county and region, as well as from the wide world beyond our bucolic little town. Since 2014, we  have filled our shelves and cases with cheeses, charcuterie, and delicious provisions, all of which have been thoughtfully chosen to ensure that our customers have a comprehensive palette of tastes from which to choose.  Entering our 6th year in business, we have answered popular demand and added substantially to the amount and type of merchandise we can offer. With a commitment to sustainably-sourced products, it is our goal at Bimi’s to continue bring our customers the freshest, best-made and most amazing treats we can find.